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Welcome to Bavarian Mountain Scenthound pedigrees database

Our aim is to provide an on-line research facility to assist the average Bavarian owner, serious breeder, enthusiasts trace the ancestral roots of their dogs.

The database is based on information collected from genealogical tables, studbooks, yearbooks, show catalogues, and information submitted by individual owners and breeders. It is meant as a tool for the owner, breeder and others with interest in searching pedigrees and interested in genetic knowledge. This is not a complete database, instead it is a work in progress.

There may be some errors in the database. We, as owners of the database, will not be responsible for errors or incorrect submissions; but, if these are brought to our attention, we will take immediate action to remedy them. Please do not hesitate contact us

Maintaining this database is a big responsibility, one that is very time consuming. We ask for your understanding and patience when encountering errors or slow updates.

How You Can Help

You are welcome to add information on dogs that are missing in the database, or to correct errors if you find them. The value of this database depends entirely on the quality of user input. If you would like to contribute by sending us your database or single entries is welcome, please.

or email:

Would you like to see something more added to this site? Something removed? Need more information on anything? Just want to chat? Please feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions or constructive criticisms.

We can only get better with your help.
About This Database

This database first went online in October 2006.

It is maintained by Wieslawa Jezewska, Katarzyna Szpila and Katarzyna Dobosz.

The programme and all scriptings were written by Andrzej Sobczyk.

The graphic design was made by Elzbieta Jezewska
A big thanks needs to go to Andrzej Sobczyk for getting us this tool to create Bavarian's database.

We take a great amount of pleasure in being able to work together with breeders and Bavarian owners from all over the world.

Without the help of a great many people, this site would never have gotten off the ground.

We sincerely thank you all for your generosity in sharing your information and your continuing support.

Last modified: : 2022-05-04 13:48:10 by wjez

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