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Searching Bavarian Mountain Scenthound Pedigree Database
found 287 dogs displayed from 1 displayed to 20
for these dogs average IC is 4.999%, and average AVK is 72.972%
Searching results for dogs with race is Bavarian Mountain Scenthoundand country is "RUSSIAN FEDERATION"

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Dog's registered name Kennel name Date of birth Sex Race Tatoo/chip Hip disp. breeding rights working certificate show titles IC (6)
FREDA 2007femaleFCI217     0.0000%
ISSTREET STRONG IN SPIRIT 2021-04-04femaleFCI217     4.3460%
IZARNIYA BLUE MOON 2021-04-04femaleFCI217     4.3460%
IVETA DEL DARA 2021-04-04femaleFCI217     4.3460%
ILLINA BRAVE HEART 2021-04-04femaleFCI217     4.3460%
ILLAN IS THE WINNER IN LIFE 2021-04-04maleFCI217     4.3460%
BAILEY MAGIC KISS  femaleFCI217     0.0000%
BEATRICE YOUR MAJESTY  femaleFCI217     0.0000%
DARA  femaleFCI217     0.0000%
DEXTER THE HEART THIEF 2022-03-25maleFCI217     3.7110%
ANITAAmber Hope FCI 2014-08-17femaleFCI217DZB ...HD A/A in ...C. ...1.5620%
AGATAAmber Hope FCI 2014-08-17femaleFCI217DZB ...    1.5620%
AMADEYAmber Hope FCI 2014-08-17maleFCI217DZB ...  RK ...CH ...1.5620%
ALLANAmber Hope FCI 2014-08-17maleFCI217DZB ...    1.5620%
ADAMAmber Hope FCI 2014-08-17maleFCI217DZB ...    1.5620%
ALEKSAmber Hope FCI 2014-08-17maleFCI217DZB ...    1.5620%
AKELAAmber Hope FCI 2014-08-17femaleFCI217DZB ...    1.5620%
BERNOLDAmber Hope FCI 2015-05-26maleFCI217     3.8570%
BRUNAAmber Hope FCI 2015-05-26femaleFCI217     3.8570%
CITADELAmber Hope FCI 2016-07-04femaleFCI217DZB ...    0.9280%

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